Roman Lutak

United Nations of Ju Jitsu




Country of Residence

USA West coast

Position within the UNJJ

National Delegate


7th Dan


Roman Lutak

Kyoshi Roman Lutak began his formal training in 1982 in Nisei GoJu under Grand Master Chaka Zulu. He achieved black belt status in 1986. He continued to study with his sensei when there was a break from Nisei GoJu and Zujitsu Ryu was founded.
He continued his training in various other dojos and different arts until 1993 when he was offered to take over the McBurney YMCA dojo by Sensei Chaka Zulu. Kyoshi Luak continues to teach and train at the McBurney dojo in New York City, New York USA.
Kyoshi Lutak has trained various groups and individuals. Seminars have included private companies, the civilian sector of The US Treasury Department, and various Special Needs groups.
He now focuses on international courses. He has attended and taught courses in The United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, South Africa, and Greece. He also continues to teach in the United States, most recently in South Carolina, New Jersey, and Colorado.
His recent achievements include joining the UNJJ, an award from Action Magazine 2006 for 25 years of service in the martial arts, World Sokeship award for Master in Self Defense 2002.
He also holds a degree from Kean University, a Bachelor of Arts in History.
Kyoshi Roman Lutak was born in New York City in 1953 and now resides in Fords, New Jersey