United Nations of Ju Jitsu (UNJJ) - History

United Nations of Ju Jitsu




The United Nations of Ju-Jitsu was formed in 1991 when a group of Ju-Jitsu friends came together for a meeting held in Chiny, Belgium.

For many years the persons present had worked together within the world body that they were previous members of and had realised that apart from their common interest of Ju-Jitsu, that they also had a common desire. This being to form a Ju-Jitsu Association based primarily on friendship.



During it's history the UNJJ has retained it's original principals which are stated in the kanji next to the logo.  The japanese kanji is YUUAI- Fraternity, Solidarity & Friendship.


On this inaugral meeting the statutes were made, Officers elected, with the task of running  the organisation going to Belgium and Gino LoGioco becoming the United Nations of Ju-Jitsu's  first President.
Within the first year the Association was registered in Belgium by Royal Decree and in the name of the King of Belgians and signed by the Ministry of Justice.
By the time of the second meeting in, Rosas it was decided that due to language problems and the very low budget that the UNJJ would in future be better served if run by one person rather than a country. The person elected being Jean de Greef who would prove to be perfect for the job, especially given his multi-linguistic skills.