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Gino LoGioco

Gino Lo Gioco arrived in belgium in 1965 at the age of 17 where he began his studies of Jiu Jitsu under professor Gulliaume Tastenoy and later Sensei Roger Decraemer.Sensei Gino Lo Gioco was awarded his 1st Dan in 1974 and his second in 1976.
Sensei Gino Lo Gioco was then awarded his 3rd Dan and decided that because of his love of the sport he would open his own dojo called Kwanzetsu Ganshoren. Gino Lo Gioco then became a member of the WJJF in 1978 as a representative of Belgium.
His 4th Dan was awarded to him in 1980 in Liverpool and two years later he was given his 5th Dan in Belgium by Prof. L.V.Ott.
The Belgian Federation FBRJJ/BOJJF then taught sensei Gino's sylabus.
Sensei is a founder member of the United Nations of Ju Jitsu and represents Belgium whit Sensei Jean De Greef.
Soke Gino Lo Gioco he obtained his 10th Dan at the Annual Congress BENIDORM (SPAIN) in 2016.