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German Jiu Jitsu Federation (DJJB)

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Position within the UNJJ

Country Assistant
Director of Competitions


4th Dan

J?rgen Rautert

14.02.1961 married, two children
Profession: Engineer (Dipl. Ing.), Manager tech.Sale and marketing

1972 Started with Judo
1977 Green belt

1977 Started Jiu-Jitsu
1983 1.DAN
1998 2.DAN
2009 3.DAN
2016 4.DAN

1983 Started Shotokan Karate
1988 Brown belt

1983 Started sport-shooting
1984 Fachübungsleiter Jiu-Jitsu /Deutscher Sportbund
1986 Licence shooting-trainer
1993 Licence int. practical shooting
1990 Jugendleiter /Deutscher Sportbund
1994 Übungsleiter C /Deutscher Sportbund
2003 Trainer Kara-T-Robics
2004 Jungentrainer /Landessportbund NW
2007 Reality Based Instructor Level 1
2010 Reality Based Knife-Instructor
2011 Reality Based Instructor Level 2