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Country of Residence

USA East coast

Position within the UNJJ

Country Assistant


6th Dan


Barry Wilde

Kyoshi Barry Wilde started training in 1977 at a karate dojo. Trained in multiple dojos under various instructors. Started training in Jujitsu in 1992. He currently holds a 6 dan in Zujitsu Ryu from Grand Master 10 Dan Chaka Zulu. Workouts are now a 1.5 hour commute from work into New York City 14th street McBurney YMCA.
Kyoshi Wilde is employed as a IBM AS/400 programer. Previous other employments are: New York State Bay Constable (Harbor Patrol) for 10 years, USCG family for 29 years, and grand fathered into Homeland Security in 2001. During Coast Guard orders has performed security detail for President Ronald Reagan in 1985-1986 and Mikhal Gorbachev in 1987 visit to Governor's Island. Performed in three Op-Sails (1986, 1992, 2000), two major MOBEX (Mobile Boat Exercise) in NY area (1987, 1989), three SAREX (Search and Rescue Exercise) in the USA east coast and Patroled every Macy July 4 Fireworks from 1981 through 1992 in the Port of New York.
Awards earned: Bachelor of Technology, Computer Systems 1983, Maritime Law Enforcement 1983, and World Sokeship award for Instructor of the year 2000.