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Alan Cambell

Alan Campbell, National Coach began his training at the age of 10 under Soke Robert Clark who founded WJJF UK LTD in 1976. At the age of 20, Alan was made Captain of the WJJF Junior Display Team and traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, promoting Ju-Jitsu and WJJF.

Alan Campbell was commissioned by Soke Robert Clark to establish WJJF Aus in 2003 and retains the title of National Coach. Prior to that, Alan Campbell was the co-director, National Coach and part Shareholder of WJJF UK LTD from 1993-2003 and successfully ran the organization alongside his teacher, mentor, colleague and friend the late Soke Robert Clark.

Alan having over 50 years of experience in Ju-Jitsu is now more determined than ever to rebuild Soke Clark's legacy of Credible, non-political Ju-Jitsu Organisation, by following his ideals of developing WJJF worldwide.